Accent Reduction

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Accent Reduction

More than our signature, more than any selfie, our speech defines us. When we’re in the middle of things, the last question we wish to field is ‘Where are you from?’

How about taking a dramatic step toward developing a clear American accent?


Accent Reduction: The Standard American Accent

This accent reduction manual flies in the face of conventional wisdom. The vowel and consonant suggestions quickly add up, and in only a handful of scheduled lessons, you’ll see that your dreams of clear speech need not be brushed aside. This program is supported by a free series of YouTube videos and limited to exactly what you need to improve. Study in the privacy of your own home as you pick up the basics of clear American speech.


Accent Reduction: Using Consonants to Sound American

Speech instructor Ivan Borodin has taught accent reduction for two decades, researching the most efficient methods. This manual presents a proven technique that is based on the premise that a convincing American accent begins with the production of the consonants. This concise manual is fully supported by a series of free YouTube videos.

Accent Reduction for Spanish Speakers

With this course, I’ve put together the common mistakes that Spanish speakers often make while speaking American English. I’ve supplied explanations on how to avoid these errors, and provided sentence drills to help adapt new speech habits. Speakers of Latin languages will find this concise program a constant revelation, and will quickly improve their American Accent. The lessons constantly review and incorporate all previously introduced concepts. In the hour it takes to go through this program, the accent of the foreign speaker is significantly reduced. “Accent Reduction for Spanish Speakers” focuses on the exact needs of the Spanish speaker, rapidly leading to clearer speech. This program is also extremely helpful for speakers of Portuguese and Italian. These lessons are supported and demonstrated by a series of YouTube videos, allowing the reader to follow along with the online program, internalizing both the theory and practical applications of the sound changes.

Accent Reduction for Speakers of Russian

American-born speech instructor Ivan Borodin has helped Russian speakers sound American for over two decades. He understands your pain and despair regarding the pronunciation of American English. Speed up your progress with this concise manual, which comes fully supported by a free series of YouTube videos. Why waste a lifetime trying to piece together an education on clear speech? It is all contained within the pages of ‘Accent Reduction for Speakers of Russian’.

Accent Annihilation for Japanese Speakers

Fully supported by a series of free YouTube videos, this illustrated speech manual can help you change people’s perceptions of you. Follow the instructions contained within, practice the vowel and consonant combinations, and you’ll soon feel appreciation and acceptance from all the way across a crowded room. There will be a glow in people’s eyes, marveling at your clear American speech. Pretty much all Japanese people—men, women and young adults—are all going to find something of value in this book. 

Lose Your German Accent

'Lose Your German Accent' is the solution. No cryptic babblings. No illusions of short cuts. Just simple explanations of vowels and consonants, as well as plenty of drills. Ready to learn the American accent? No time like the present. This program is also extremely helpful for speakers of Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

Eliminate Your Korean Accent

‘Eliminate Your Korean Accent’ is designed so you thrive when pronouncing English words. This manual escorts you through the awkward stages, intent on bringing your plan of clear American speech to fruition. This course is fully supported by a series of free YouTube videos, detailing and demonstrating key vowels and consonants, opening the door to a solid American accent.