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As an instructor at Los Angeles’ City and Valley Colleges, I spend an exorbitant amount of time helping people with their powers of speech. I must love what I do, because in my off-hours I recently put together several manuals on the subject.

Having taught speech for two decades, I know it is possible to not only reduce an accent, but to annihilate it. ‘Accent Annihilation for Japanese Speakers’ is an illustrated guide that supplies tailored instruction to those from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Losing an accent can be difficult, so I came up with a manual meant for everyone. ‘Accent Reduction: Using Consonants to Sound American.’ Many speech programs focus on vowels, and that’s certainly a valid approach, but I’ve also found that approaching consonants with the goal of sounding American yields positive results.

Actors seeking to expand their range—and their cool factor—will rejoice at the arrival of ‘Learn a Wicked Awesome Boston Accent’, available now and fully supported (like all my speech books) by a free series of YouTube videos such as this one.

When you start taking acting classes, nobody warns you about the psycho acting teacher. I play the quintessential narcissist in this webseries ‘Being Humphrey Bogart.’

If you have the disease of compulsive reading, you’ll be both terrified and thrilled by ‘Pandora 2013: Hullabaloo.’ In this suspense novel, a shopping mall becomes a magical place where visitors live out their wildest dreams or worst nightmares—a lot like life itself.

Ivan Borodin

March 7, 2014

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