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Southern California is the land of opportunity, so I make a point of getting stuff done. Let me share what’s been happening...


Accent Reduction for Speakers of Russian is my most comprehensive speech manual to date. Foreigners are burdened with the expectation of learning both a new language and a new accent. This book makes it easy to digest the lessons and zip along to the next chapter. By the way, the one hard, fast rule to speech improvement: In order to master the American accent, you need to begin.

Violent Delights is an adultery tale set in the Deep South. When a battered wife limps into Doc Allman’s exam room, he finds her advances impossible to resist. This quick and evocative read is an exploration of our most basic—and self-destructive—impulses.


If you’re a performer with one of those rare minds that enjoy tackling regional dialects, here’s a quick lesson on sounding like a New Yorker. Study the vowel and consonant changes—both in the video and listed in the ‘About’ section. Your payoff will be a New York accent that packs a wallop.

A client asked me the other day what I thought of the new year. I told her that 2015 certainly had my full attention.


January 20, 2015

Los Angeles 

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